• Ansh is an all women organization.
  • Ansh is ISO 9001-2015 QMS Certified.
  • Ansh has a 37 year experience which includes 19 years in media, 8 years in International Trade and 10 years in Translation Business.
  • We have a resource pool of 15000 Translators and 2000 Transcription experts.
  • We offer translation in more than 2000 language pairs.
  • We have a fair price system which is fixed and amongst the lowest in the world. (You can download our price list from our website, the prices are only for translation companies).
  • Data management is offered from single source (Largest in the world).
  • online chat facility.
  • 30% Self imposed penalty for non delivery.
  • Ansh has in-house specialized online customer management software ‘Wasp’ to manage orders efficiently.
  • We do not publically expose our clients to get more business.


The above has earned Ansh the business trust of more than 300 professional translation companies and government agencies that outsource their business regularly. There are also an additional 300 companies who use Ansh as a trusted backup. 

You may consider to deal with us or we can assist your supplier

We also handle translation for the below mentioned Industry Types.

You may consider to deal with us or we can assist your supplier

We also handle translation for the below mentioned Industry Types.


Legal Translation
Legal Contract
Official Document
Passports & Visas
Confessions Audio to text

Marketing Translation
Business Cards
Covering Letters

Technical Translation

Medical Paper
Machine Manual
Business Correspondence

Website Translation

Why people choose Ansh

With great humility and pride, we would like to present some reasons why Translation Companies choose Ansh as their Purchase Option. Presenting below some of our USPs.

An All Women Team

Ansh is an ‘ALL WOMEN TEAM’. Men are great too and in fact most of our clients and many translators are men. It was just a choice we made a long time ago. We are firm believers of women empowerment, but are equivalently proud to work with men.

You can’t be overcharged

Go directly to the Downloads tab and download our price lists. All rates are only for TRANSLATION COMPANIES. Calculate cost for your client and buy from where you wish. More than 600 companies trust us. Email any query to project@ansh.com.

Presence in Language centric countries

Ansh represents ‘Shan Translation’ as worldwide distributor. Together the presence reaches Singapore for SE Asia, UAE for right to left script, Russia for the Russian neighbours and  India for the many languages and scripts. This helps in delivering quality outputs.

Best Prices in the world

It has been more than a decade of providing regular services to Translation Companies. Our resolve of taking reasonable profit assisted by our local presence in many countries brings forward the largest (over 2000 pairs) and cheapest prices in the world.

Self imposed penalty

Translation is done by humans and susceptible to human frailties. Like all direct translators, we too sometimes face delays. The trust kept by our client in Ansh is backed by a ‘Self imposed penalty’ in order that the translation company can save face in front of their client.