The next milestone will be the ‘Dream Target’ which entitles a holiday in London.

‘Work hard and play harder’ now seems to be the plan of the company and its growing 40 member ALL WOMEN TEAM.


2021 was a difficult year with global pandemic disrupting life and livelihoods for many. Grim as the situation was, the human spirit across the globe refused to give up and we too played our part with pride and humility. We are proud to have our Ansh Family together supporting each other and surging ahead with performance and growth.

25th June 2019

Words of Vikram ( is our new associate company.

Myanmar 2017

In 2017, the team achieved the ‘Super Target’ (after 8 years) and the directors went on an 8 day trip to Myanmar including Yangon, Bagan, Pindya, Inle and Mandalay.

30th Sept 2017
1st September 2017
19 February 2017
Singapore 2016

In 2015 we touched our ‘Target Sale’ and to celebrate this achievement, the seniors holidayed in Singapore 2016 for 5 days.

30th April 2014

We touch an unexpected sales target. This happens due to two very large orders in a single month. The first “Target Sales” is achieved and 3 staff are eligible for an all-expense paid trip to Singapore.

20th February 2014
1st October 2013

Our sales grows by 500% from the sales average of the past year.  We are now a service tax registered company.

4th October 2012

We celebrate the ‘Breakeven Target Sales’and also the 3rd Founders Day with all staff and their families.

31st July 2012
31st January 2012
24th March 2011

We worked on creating a database of experienced translators and our search was on for clients too. On the other hand we tried to gain translation orders by making our presence on Internet through our website, and registration on many business portals. On the 24th of March we received our first large order along with an advance payment. This was the time when we are thinking of winding up the company operations after 8 months of promotion and hardly any sale. This order took about 8 months to complete and lots of efforts were put in, being a large order. This enlightened a ray of hope within and we achieved to take few more orders in the same year.

4th October 2010

AnshIntertrade (India) is formed and the first two staff are hired.The company was started with the owner who was in the business of International Trade and Media for over 19 years. We can never forget our first client Mr. Neeraj for trusting us with the first translation order for the language pair English to Tagalog.We would like to thank Mr. Akshay for sharing his office premises with us for our initial days of operationand Mr. Ajay for creative inputs to market our ideas. The first two people who joined Anshwere Ms. Neha and Ms. Indra.