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The concept of becoming a company supplying translation only to Translation companies was really difficult in the beginning. We faced non acceptance from the markets, operated on very low profits, a skeleton staff of 2 and falling confidence.

The first year saw a sale of less than 5$ per month. Just the day failure was accepted came a generally large order and the sale bumped to about 500$ per month (still very low). At this time we wished that someday we would have 1 order per day. Our patience and resilience have seen us now at over 100 orders per day, a database of over 30,000 translators and a 40 member ALL WOMEN TEAM with offices in India, UAE, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Germany, USA, Myanmar, Vietnam.

Ansh is among one of the largest Translation companies of the world with a team of compassionate, inspirational leaders and associates.

We started with a price list of 12 language pairs which is now an offer of more than 2000 language pairs (largest price list in the world) – fixed and fair to all.

Over these years, Ansh Intertrade changed to Pvt. Ltd. and got an ISO 9001-2015 QMS certification. Ansh has now earned the business trust of more than 600 clients and many government agencies.