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What Is Subtitling

Have you ever seen a movie in which the spoken text is translated and seen at the bottom of the screen? Have you seen your favorite movies on DVD or television, with strange lyrics in strange languages ​​at the bottom of the screen? Have you seen DVD that provides a list of languages ​​in which subtitles are available?

Subtitles, as the word suggests, are the titles given below. These are the transcriptions of words spoken by actors, speakers or commentators on the screen but in a different language on the screen. Subtitles are mainly translations of dialogue or history in a language other than the one in which they are spoken.

Subtitling is the process by which subtitle artists transcribe audio from one video clip to another and translate it simultaneously.

2 Simultaneous Conversion Processes In Subtitling

Professional movie subtitling services do the following things to make the result accurate.

  1. Conversion of audio mode (acoustic) to graphics mode (visual / textual) (transcription). The reception mode changes audio to text. The information available to be heard is now available to read. This is similar to transcription, but to the fact that the audio information is in different languages while the written information (transcribed) is in another language.
  2. Conversion from one language to another in subtitles, the audio text is converted to a different language when it is transcribed. For example, a Marathi dialogue spoken on the screen and listened to by the audience becomes subtitles in English and is available for reading.

Understand better with the following simple equation

Subtitling Means Translation And Transcription

As there are oral and written translations, there is also an element of interpretation.

Subtitling Means Translation And Transcription along with interpretation

However, since the translation is already a written activity, it is not necessary to specify the transcription. Therefore, we can look at the model:

Subtitling Means Translation And Interpretation

Another criticism of the above equation is that interpretation is a translation activity, with only different modes, so in reality, it is interpretation and transcription:

Subtitling Means Transcription And Interpretation

Detailed analysis of every single element will eliminate the overlays and, therefore, the confusion:

Interpretation Includes
  • Understanding – listening
  • Speech Conversion – translation
Subtitling Becomes
  • Understanding
  • Listening
  • Translation
  • Writing

Therefore, subtitling is a combination of different elements of interpretation, transcription, and translation. It is a carefully related combination of the three activities.

Role of Professional Service Provider in Subtitling

Now you must have understood the process of subtitling. Yes, it is a complicated process, but that does not mean it is impossible. Professional movie subtitling services at Ansh will address all the areas and fix arising issues.

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